Monday, February 21, 2011

Some of Kangaroo Island's Wildlife

Kingscote Pelican

Pardana Wildlife Sanctuary
KI Kangaroo

Pardana Wildlife Sanctuary

Seal  Bay - Sea Lion

Sea Lions playing on the beach

         A few more photos from this beautiful island. On Kingscote foreshores, these wonderful looking pelicans wait for the fishermen to come back with their catch, in the hope of grabbing some small morsel of fish. We spent some time at the Pardana Wildlife Sanctuary, looking at birds and other fauna. The kangaroo were quite friendly as you were able to take small bags of pellets, in their enclosure, to feed them. I think this one had his fill and was resting happily in the sun. Seal bay is a beautiful beach where the sea lions come to rest and play. This beach offers these grand creature wonderful protection from the weather and preditors. Our tour guide tooks us up close to this group, but we had to be careful not to disturb them as they can move quite quickly if annoyed.

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