Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More from Kangaroo Island...

Cape de Couedic's Lighthouse

Admiral's Arch

      Kangaroo Island (KI to the locals) is a pristine wilderness, a place of beauty and escape. Very diverse with soaring cliffs, dense forest, towering sand dunes, wetlands and great white beaches. Rich in history, KI has a thriving art community and welcoming locals. Our second day on the island was spent exploring the Flinders Chase National park, on the southern coast part of KI. First a look at the Cape de Couedic Lighthouse, offering amazing view over the ocean. Then down to the boardwalk which takes us to the landbridge known as Admiral's Arch. The constant weathering eventually will result in the arch's collapse. Many a New Zealand Fur Seal can be seen frolicking in the sea or sunning themselves on the rocks.

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